Aneugraft | Dx

AneugraftDx is the only biological membrane-covered coronary stent.

  • “Pericardium covered Stent showed an outstanding performance in challenging anatomy”. Vaghetti & Palmieri, Journal of Invasive Cardiology 2013 .
  • “Pericardial covered stent is a valid option to treat coronary perforation even in cases with complex coronary anatomy due to vessel tortuosity and presence of calci­cations.” Lotan et al. Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions, 2015 .
  • “Pericardium has been widely used for many years due to its desirable features such as low immunogenicity and durability”. Vulev et al. Journal of Intervention Neuroradiology, 2012.
  • “Pericardium has demonstrated a statistically significant decrease in intraoperative suture line bleeding when compared with Dacron”.  Colomb et al., EuroIntervention Journal, 2009.



AneugraftDx- A Lifeguard

The Aneugraft Dx is an innovative, single-layer coronary stent graft covered with equine pericardium. This low-profile system is the only biological tissue covered stent, providing unique biocompatibility. 

AneugraftDx2-650p   Designed to set a barrier between the blood vessel wall and its lumen, the Aneugraft® Dx is used in applications where a complete separation between the blood flow and the arterial wall is required. Aneugraft® Dx provides a one-step, immediate vessel reconstruction in cases of acute rupture or dissection of a coronary artery, coronary aneurysm, or saphenous vein graft reperfusion.

The Aneugraft® Dx is a percutaneous implantable device consisting of a 316L stainless steel bare metal stent fully covered by an equine pericardium cylinder. The Pericardium cylinder is sutured with a polypropylene suture onto the bare metal stent.

The Aneugraft® Dx, mounted on a balloon catheter, is available in a variety of diameters and lengths and the balloon nominal diameter is identical to the corresponding inner lumen stent diameter.

Competitive Advantages

Biological tissue covering

  • “Ideal platform to enable endothelial growth”.
  • “Superior mechanical biocompatibility results “.
  • “Proven to be superior to synthetic materials in clinical use”.

Long-Term Clinical Track Record

  • Market presence since 2007.
  • Clinical experience in over 20 countries.
  • Widely supported by clinical publications.
  • Well known and respected loyal users around the globe.
  • Numerous lives saved worldwide.

High Deliverability

  • Single-layer device.
  • 6F guiding catheter compatibility for all sizes.
  • High trackability even in tortuous, calcified vessels.

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