Aneugraft | Dx

AneugraftDx is the only biological membrane-covered coronary stent.

  • “Pericardium covered Stent showed an outstanding performance in challenging anatomy”. Vaghetti & Palmieri, Journal of Invasive Cardiology 2013 .
  • “Pericardial covered stent is a valid option to treat coronary perforation even in cases with complex coronary anatomy due to vessel tortuosity and presence of calci­cations.” Lotan et al. Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions, 2015 .
  • “Pericardium has been widely used for many years due to its desirable features such as low immunogenicity and durability”. Vulev et al. Journal of Intervention Neuroradiology, 2012.
  • “Pericardium has demonstrated a statistically significant decrease in intraoperative suture line bleeding when compared with Dacron”.  Colomb et al., EuroIntervention Journal, 2009.



AneugraftDx- A Lifeguard

The Aneugraft Dx is an innovative, single-layer coronary stent graft covered with equine pericardium. This low-profile system is the only biological tissue covered stent, providing unique biocompatibility. 

AneugraftDx2-650p   Designed to set a barrier between the blood vessel wall and its lumen, the Aneugraft® Dx is used in applications where a complete separation between the blood flow and the arterial wall is required. Aneugraft® Dx provides a one-step, immediate vessel reconstruction in cases of acute rupture or dissection of a coronary artery, coronary aneurysm, or saphenous vein graft reperfusion.

The Aneugraft® Dx is a percutaneous implantable device consisting of a 316L stainless steel bare metal stent fully covered by an equine pericardium cylinder. The Pericardium cylinder is sutured with a polypropylene suture onto the bare metal stent.

The Aneugraft® Dx, mounted on a balloon catheter, is available in a variety of diameters and lengths and the balloon nominal diameter is identical to the corresponding inner lumen stent diameter.

Competitive Advantages

Biological tissue covering

  • “Ideal platform to enable endothelial growth”.
  • “Superior mechanical biocompatibility results “.
  • “Proven to be superior to synthetic materials in clinical use”.

Long-Term Clinical Track Record

  • Market presence since 2007.
  • Clinical experience in over 20 countries.
  • Widely supported by clinical publications.
  • Well known and respected loyal users around the globe.
  • Numerous lives saved worldwide.

High Deliverability

  • Single-layer device.
  • 6F guiding catheter compatibility for all sizes.
  • High trackability even in tortuous, calcified vessels.

Aneugraft | Nx

AneugraftNx is the only biological membrane-covered intracranial stent.

  • The Aneugraft Nx a biocompatible stent for immediate vessel reconstruction specifically designed for neurovascular indications. An extension of the Aneugraft family of pericardium covered stents; the Aneugraft Nx is the only covered stent CE approved for intracranial use.
  • The Aneugraft Nx has the unique ability to provide a totally non-porous barrier between the stent and the vessel wall, and therefore is indicated for the treatment of complex and high risk intracranial lesions requiring an immediate vessel reconstruction, such as intracranial aneurysms, in particular “bad aneurysms”, traumatic CCFs and vessel ruptures.
  • The specially designed stent platform is only partially covered in an ultra-thin layer of equine pericardium to prevent the occlusion of critical side branches and perforators. The proprietary biological tissue graft provides unmatched biocompatibility.


AneugraftNx- We’ve got you covered

  • Biological tissue covering
  • Partially covered scaffold reduces the risk of side branch occlusion
  • Designed for immediate sealing of the lesion
  • Soft 20-mm trackable tip provides optimized navigation
  • Long shelf life (3 years)
  • Must have for emergency ruptures
  • The only CE approved neurological covered stent

Golden Retriever

  • The Golden Retriever is a 0.014’’ wire tube equipped with a soft tip that is advanced and positioned inside the clot independent of a micro-catheter.
  • The Golden Retriever’s deployment mechanism unfolds six “crown” like elements, each composed of 12 micro-strands which engage the clot by rotational movement.
  • Full extension of the micro-strands forms five engagement zones for efficient clot retrieval.






Golden Retriever – New approach for blood clot retrieval

The Golden retriever is the future of fast and efficient blood clot retrieval. The Unique design is the thinnest on the market today, navigating like a wire to the clot, it retrieves the clot exerting minimal radial force on the vessel wall.

Since the publication of MR CLEAN, ESCAPE, Swift Prime, REVASCAT and EXTEND-IA, the number of mechanical thrombectomy procedures performed annually has increased by 80% and is expected to reach 60,000 in the U.S. by 2020, up from 18,000  in 2015.

The American Heart and Brain Association’s new guidelines establish the addition of Mechanical Retriever Technology as the frontline treatment for patients suffering a stroke. In its yearly innovation summit, the Cleveland Clinic chose the neuro blood clot retrieval market as one of the most uprising markets in 2016, expected to peak in the next two years.

Competitive Advantages

Superior technology

  • Engagement mechanism relies on cage formation enhancing the grip on the clot regardless of clot morphology and length.
  • Enables enhanced clot engagement.
  • Device deployment is independent of a microcatheter.
  • One size device suits all clots.
  • Reduced friction within the micro-catheter.

Reduced puncture to revascularization time

  • The smallest device diameter on the market (0.014”).
  • Improved delivery in tortuous anatomy.
  • No need to wait between deployment and retrieval.

Enhanced Safety Mechanism

  • Engagement and retrieval do not rely on radial force, thus minimizing vessel injury risk.
  • Capturing zones trap the clot from all sides simultaneously reinforcing it and preventing fragmentation and emboli risk.

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