Amnis Therapeutics is an Israeli bio-med engineering company, specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing of lifesaving endovascular technologies for emergency situations. Our mission is to provide the medical community with innovative, high-performance devices that offer a reliable, proven solution for numerous endovascular indications.

The AneugraftDx, is a pericardium covered coronary stent for emergency vessel reconstruction in cases of acute rupture or dissection of a coronary artery, coronary aneurysm, or saphenous vein graft reperfusion. The AneugraftNx is a neurovascular pericardium covered stent. The only covered stent designed specifically for intracranial indications such as aneurysms, ruptures and cavernous carotid fistulas (CCFs).
The unique biologically covered stents , provide an immediate blood vessel reconstruction in a one-step procedure.  Together, Amnis’s innovative pericardium covered stents have helped save thousands of lives.

In additional to its covered stent technology, Amnis is expanding its product developing to include other innovative solutions for emergency intra-arterial interventions. The most recent of these products is the Golden Retriever, a unique Mechanical Neuro Thrombectomy device for the emergency treatment of acute ischemic stroke. Amnis R&D team’s out of the box thinking delivered an innovative, less traumatic, faster and more efficient solution for blood clot removal.
Amnis has 24 listed IP’s and a worldwide distribution network.


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